About Gov.mo

 (Last Update: 2005-01-10)

1. Vision

To be the most important government website providing Macao SAR government information and services via one portal that connecting the two networks: government public network and internal network.


2. Missions

- Providing basic and update government information via a single point of access with links to all websites of the Macao SARG agencies;

- Facilitating users to browse government services in multi-dimension which is supported with effective multi-labeled messages;

- Driving agencies to launch information and services on websites, promoting simplifying administrative procedures and service re-engineering;

- Driving information integration and cooperation cross-agency, bringing along agencies to improve the cross-agency collaboration.


3. Values

- Ensure coordination and collaboration cross-agency;

- Carry out service transformation with information exchange;

- Actualize sustainable development by e-services.


4. Orientation

Gov.mo is targeting to be the comprehensive information platform, and the platform service is facilitated by Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP), as the service provider, to Macao SAR government agencies. Agencies as content providers supply information to Gov.mo, which as an effective media distributes messages and e-services to the public.


5. Cross Agency Cooperation

Gov.mo is a big cooperation project crossing more and a few government agencies, the real-time and accuracy of the contents largely depend on the collaboration and support by relevant agencies, demonstrates the team spirit between agencies and fellow workers among the SAR government.


The “Portal Coordination Group (PCG)” was formed by 15 government agencies: Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC), Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM), Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP), Identification Bureau (DSI), Legal Affairs Bureau (DSAJ), Public Security Forces Affairs Bureau (DSFSM) , Government Tourism Office (DST), Finance Services Bureau (DSF) , Education and Youth Affair Bureau (DSEJ), Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM), Government Information Bureau (GCS), Economic Services Bureau (DSE) , Telecommunications and Information Technology Development Office (GDTTI), Customs of Macao Special Administrative Region (SA) , and Macao Sports Development Board (ID) (ordered by Chinese characters' strokes.) By establishing the “Website Data Inter-operability Framework”, the PCG has successfully achieved the exchange of information automatically cross-website in the heterogeneous environment.

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