Re-entry Certificate

Re-entry Certificate
Service Information:
Service Provider:Foreigners Subdivision of the Immigration Department
Other Entity / Agency: 
Application Location:Immigration Department Office Building, Travessa Um do Cais de Pac On, Taipa, Macao
Office Hours:Mon to Thu: 9:00 – 17:45
Fri: 9:00 – 17:30
Closed on Sat, Sun and government holidays
Tags dispensed until: 17:00 (for making applications) 17:15 (collection of result or document supplementation)
Introduction (Service Coverage):Macao residents who need to prove that they are admissible to the Macao Special Administrative Region after their short stay at another country or region may apply for a "Re-entry Certificate".
Enquiry Methods:In person: the above address
Tel: (853) 2872 5488
Fax: (853) 8897 0300


Application Proceduce:
Transactional Categories:Application
Relevant Service (Relevant Information): 
Target Groups and Application Eligibility:Macao residents who need to prove to the country or region which they intend to visit that they are allowed to return to Macao
Application Approach:
  1. To apply in person or by a legal representative to the Subdivision concerned during office hours
  2. The legal representative should submit the following:
    (1) A certified letter of authorization;
    (2) A copy of his/her valid identification document.
Required Document:
  1. A completed application form for Re-entry Certificate;
  2. A copy of interested person's valid Macao Identity Card AND travel document;
  3. Document certifying the reason for application;
  4. *2 photos of 1.5-inch, full face, no-hat, white-background, coloured/black-and-white.
Supplementary Document:The above document/information marked with "*"
Document must be presented:The original should be exhibited for authentication if a copy is submitted
Other Helpful Document: 
Document Required Upon Approval: 
Charges (or Taxes):MOP100
Payment Instructions: 
Time Needed:Approximately 10 working days [Note: It is timed from the next working day the service unit receives all the necessary documents and confirms nothing is missing.]
Quality Criteria: 
Remark:A. Validity of Re-entry Certificate:
  1. For permanent residents: The validity is generally 1 year, but it may reach 5 years under special circumstances with reasonable justification.
  2. For non-permanent residents: The maximum validity can be the same as that of the "Residence Authorization" and is limited to 2 years.
B. Extension of validity:
  1. The validity of a "Re-entry Certificate" can only be extended under exceptional circumstances where reasonable justifications are given.
  2. In any circumstances, the exceptional extension of the validity of a "Re-entry Certificate" cannot be used as an excuse for any failure to duly renew the "Residence Authorization" within the statutory time.
Forms:Application Form for Re-entry Certificate
Legislations Website:
  1. General Principles of the System of Entry, Stay and Residence Authorization
    Law No. 4/2003 [B.O. no. 11(I), 17/03/2003]
  2. Regulations of Entry, Stay and Residence Authorization
    Administrative Regulation No. 5/2003 [B.O. no. 15(I), 14/04/2003]
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