OM presented the special concert “Musical Yoga” “British Scenery” Concert to be held on Saturday at St. Dominic’s Church
Type of Event: Concert
Event Date: 29/04/2017
Location: St. Dominic’s Church
Registration description:
Organization: Cultural Affairs Bureau
Producer: Cultural Affairs Bureau
Phone: (853) 2853 0782

The Macao Orchestra (OM, from the Portuguese acronym), under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, presented the concert “Weekend Music Party – Musical Yoga”, part of the special production series, on 22 April, at Dom Pedro V Theatre, presenting a concert dedicated to yoga music for the first time and attracting numerous fans. OM will also present the concert “British Scenery”, part of the Orchestra’s Maestros with Charisma series, on Saturday, 29 April, inviting the public to enjoy an evening at the sound of British music.

The concert “Weekend Music Party – Musical Yoga”, featuring a number of relaxing classical pieces, fused classical music and yoga, allowing the members of the public to find their breathing rhythm in music. Following the concert, an outreach activity entitled “Music Hour – Yoga Workshop” conducted by a professional yoga instructor, was held, offering participants a full body stretching experience. Some of the audience members expressed that the innovative concert and yoga workshop allowed them to relax their body and mind, making it an ideal weekend activity.

In addition, OM will present the concert “British Scenery”, part of the Orchestra’s Maestros with Charisma series, on Saturday, 29 April, at 8pm, at St. Dominic’s Church. World-renowned British conductor Gordon Hunt was specially invited to lead the Orchestra in the performance of Dvořák’s Serenade for Winds in D minor as well as of British composer Vaughan Williams’ Symphony No. 5 in D Major. It was through his serenades for winds in E Major and in D minor that Dvořák was catapulted from an obscure musician to fame and to being one of the most acclaimed composers of his time. The programme of the concert features the lively Serenade for Winds in D minor, reverberating a deep Czech flavour. The concert also features the elegant and lyrical Symphony No. 5 in D Major by Vaughan Williams. British conductor Gordon Hunt is renowned worldwide, and frequently hosts master classes and cooperates with acclaimed chamber music ensembles. He also holds the position of Principal Oboe at the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the London Philharmonic. As an oboe soloist and a conductor, Hunt has a profound understanding of wind music and is a refined interpreter of British music.

Admission to the concert “British Scenery” is free. Tickets will be distributed at St. Dominic’s Church one hour prior to the performance, on a first-come, first-served basis and are limited to a maximum of two tickets per person. For details and enquiries about the concerts, please contact OM through tel. no. (853) 2853 0782 during office hours or visit the Macao Orchestra webpage at

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