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Application Proceduce:
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Target Groups and Application Eligibility:

Applicants who satisfy all of the following conditions are eligible to apply for the Macao SAR Electronic Travel Permit:

- Non-Permanent Resident of Macao SAR with Chinese nationality;
- Holding Macao SAR Non-Permanent Resident Identity Card;
- Not eligible for other travel documents.
Application Approach:Apply in person or overseas
Required Document:

A. Applying in Person
· Original Macao SAR Resident Identity Card (will be returned to the applicant after verified);
· Photograph which meets specific requirements; one recent, color, bareheaded and full-faced photograph in plain white background in 1.5 inches;
· The former Macao SAR (Electronic) Travel Permit, in case of renewal;
· An official police lost-report slip - for applicants who cannot submit the former Macao (Electronic) SAR Travel Permit;
- Photocopies of both parents' / the legal guardian's identification documents and both parents / the legal guardian should sign the application form - for applicants under the age of 18,
1. If the applicant is under 18 years old, what can he/she do if his/her parents are unmarried, separated with separate property, divorced or one of his/her parents is unable to sign on the application form due to certain reasons (e.g. missing),if a parent is unable to sign on the application form for he/her child, another parent must provide the documentary proof of his/her parental right in order to make the application for the underage child;

2. If one of the parents is unable to apply for the travel document for his/her child in person, he/she can:
a) duly complete and sign on the application form which is available at the Identification Services Bureau prior to the application. After that, another parent can lodge the application at this Bureau in person with his/her child.
b) duly complete the “Authorization for Travel Document Application” to authorize another parent to lodge the application at this Bureau in person with their child.

3. In addition, Electronic Travel Permit is issued as an individual Travel Permit, the applicant's spouse and children should apply for their own Travel Permits.

B. Applying by Post
Applicants can lodge the application by post if they are in other countries or regions.

Application procedures:
1. Access the “Postal Application Service” system of DSI to obtain an application number and print out an application slip;
2. Mail “Part 2” of the application slip and the required documents to DSI.  (Mailing address: Macau Postal Box No. 1089/ Avenida da Praia No. 804, Edificio China Plaza, 20 andar, Macau);
3. After receiving the required documents, DSI will update the application progress in the “Postal Application Service” system. Applicants should check their application status in the system from time to time.
4. When the application status changes to “Please pay for the application”, applicants can pay the fee to complete their application.

 Required documents:
1. A duly completed application form. If the applicants are in other countries or regions, they can obtain the application form from the local diplomatic and consular missions of the People's Republic of China (PRC) in the foreign countries or regions, or request an application form from DSI by post or by a representative in Macao.
2. Photocopy of Macao SAR non-Permanent Resident Identity Card;
3. Photograph which meets specific requirements: one recent color 1.5-inched, bareheaded and full-faced photograph in plain white background recent (see photograph specifications);
4.Supporting documents which prove that the applicant cannot lodge the application in person, such as proof of schooling or employment and so on;
5. For applicants over the age of 5, a clear set of ten fingerprint impression should be submitted (see Fingerprint Form);
6. In case of renewal application, applicants have to submit the former Macao SAR Travel Permit if it is still valid;
7. Loss report is required if the applicant cannot provide the former Macao SAR Travel Permit;
8. If the applicant is under the age of 18, the photocopies of both parents' identification documents are required. In addition, both parents should sign the application form. 

Fees: Application fee + Postage + Surcharge (if applicable)
1.      Application fee
Normal application: MOP250.00.
Urgent application: an additional fee of MOP150.00.

2.      Postage:
Normal delivery: an additional charge of MOP40.00 (air registered mail)
Express delivery: Accordiang to the postage charged by the express courier company (the amount may vary depending to the destinations and weight of the documents). 
The applicant has to make a request in writing if he/she chooses express delivery mailing for the document. DSI will mail the document to the applicant with Macao Post EMS.

3.      Surcharge (if applicable)
Following additional charges will be imposed if the applicant fails to provide the former travel permit which is still valid at the time of application (please note that the applicant does not need to provide the former travel permit if it has already expired) or if the applicant is replacing the travel permit due to damage or defacement of the document:
-  The first time: an additional fee of MOP 150.00;
-  The second time: an additional fee of MOP 300.00;
-  The third time: an additional fee of MOP 600.00;
-  The fourth time: an additional fee of MOP 1,200.00;
-  The fifth time or above: an additional fee of MOP 2,400.00.

 Means of payment:
1.      Pay online:
Pay by credit card in the “Postal Application Service” system.
2.      Pay by an authorization person:
An applicant can submit an authorization letter to authorize a person in Macao to pay the fee in cash at DSI in person.

-  You can settle the payment using one of the above methods. Starting from 1 January 2017, DSI will not accept payment by means of bank draft.
-  In case of having made a payment to the Macao Special Administrative Region Government mistakenly due to system failure or other special conditions, the person concerned should contact the Identification Services Bureau (DSI) immediately.  DSI will return the relevant amount to the person concerned.
If the applicant wants to cancel the application and have the refund of the application fee after completing the transaction online, he/she has to make a written request to DSI for the refund.

Supplementary Document: 
Document must be presented: 
Other Helpful Document: 
Document Required Upon Approval: 
Charges (or Taxes):- MOP 250.00
·  Applicants who are lack of financial capability due to following conditions  can apply for exemption of application fees:

1) Applicants have to write and sign a declaration to declare their unemployment status and they acknowledge that they will commit criminal offences for making false declaration.
2) Submit the Employment Registration issued by the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL).

1) The applicant has to write and sign a letter to request for fee exemption;
2) Submit the original and a photocopy of a valid Beneficiary Card issued by the Social Welfare Bureau (IAS)

1)  Applicants have to write and sign a declaration to declare their financial incapability;
2)  Submit the original and a photocopy of a valid Disability Assessment Registration Card issued by the Social Welfare Bureau (IAS).
Payment Instructions: 
Time Needed:

Normal application: 10 working days.
Urgent application: 2 working days.

1. The collection date is counted from the following day after DSI received all necessary documents.Under special circumstances, the collection date would be adjusted.
2. The processing time of the new document will be extended up to 60 days for application due to damage, theft or loss. In these cases, urgent application is not accepted. If the applicant has an urgent need of the new travel document, they can submit a letter stating their reasons and provide supporting documents. DSI will inform them of the assessment result within 2 working days.

Quality Criteria: 
Legislations Website:Aprova o Regulamento para a Emissão dos Documentos de Viagem da Região Administrativa Especial de Macau. n.º 9/1999 【B.O. 1 ( I ), 20/12/1999]
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