Feast of Hong Kung
Type of Event: Others
Event Date: 28/8
Location: Largo do Pagode do Bazar
Registration description:
Phone: (853) 2892 1409

The Feast of Hong Kung features a ‘basin feast’ for the elderly with an opening ceremony (6:00pm), together with Cantonese Opera and classical songs performances. The basin feast for the elderly (6:15pm to 7:30pm, MOP130, tourists are welcome) gives you the opportunity to experience real local culture!

Venue: Leisure Area at Largo do Pagode do Bazar, Rua de Cinco de Outubro
Enquiries: (853) 2892 1409
Organizers: Associação de Mútuo Auxílio do Bairro, abrangendo a Rua Cinco de Outubro, Associação de Mútuo Auxílio dos Moradores da Marginal, Associação de Mútuo Auxílio dos Moradores de Lou Sek Tong, União Geral das Associações dos Moradores de Macau

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