He Jingtang gives Doctor honoris causa Lecture on how to create a beautiful life

The University of Macau (UM) today (10 November) held a Doctor honoris causa Lecture. Academician He Jingtang, a recipient of an honorary doctorate from UM and a world-renowned architect, was the keynote speaker. The event attracted many UM faculty members and students, secondary school teachers and students, industry practitioners, as well as prominent members of the community. During the talk, He shared his life experiences and discussed how one can create a beautiful future for oneself and his country.

In his speech, Prof Philip Chen, dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, thanked He for creating the master plan for the current campus, which he says is beautiful and provides an environment in which UM faculty, students, and staff can teach, study, and work comfortably and productively. He added that the beautiful campus is a vehicle for UM to provide quality undergraduate education, build a strong faculty team, strive for excellence in scientific research, and promote efficiency and environmental protection.

During the talk, He shared his life experiences and discussed his keys to success. He only reached the apex of his career in his 40s but he has always been persistent in pursuing his goals in the field of architecture. He encouraged the students to set high goals for themselves, cultivate good character traits, constantly seek self-improvement, and nurture good health and emotional intelligence, so as to achieve success in life. He also shared his views on architecture as well as his works and stories behind them. He encouraged the audience to work together to create a beautiful life for themselves and a beautiful future for China. Many people asked questions during the question and answer session.

As one of those pivotal figures who undertake to promote traditional Chinese architecture, He has a passion for the exquisite South China Lingnan architectural features which he has been working hard to preserve and sustain since the 60s of the last century. He secured his guru status in architecture when, on the back of traditional Lingnan aesthetics, he creatively formulated his own theoretical system. Signified by what is known as the 'two concepts' and 'three characters', the theory gave a shot in the arm for the Lingnan school of architecture.

UM Honorary Doctor He Jingtang
Philip Chen
The talk attracts many faculty members, students, and industry practitioners
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