Consumer Council released its latest ‘Supermarket price survey’ Surveyed spots included supermarkets in São Lázaro and São Lourenço Parishes

Consumer Council conducted its latest 'Supermarket price survey' on 14 November for the implementation of Section 2b), Article 10, Law 4/95/M of 12 June. Surveyed locations included supermarkets in São Lázaro and São Lourenço Parishes.

The latest 'Supermarket Price Survey' is now available on Consumer Council's website (, 'Supermarket Price Information Platform' iPhone and Android apps, and on the Council's WeChat account page. The survey is also available free of charge at the offices of Consumer Council, IACM's Iao Hon and S. Domingos Markets, bookstores and libraries. Consumers may also access the resources through WAP channels on their mobile phones.

With reference to the local seven parishes and the number of supermarkets in each parish, the Council has divided around 100 supermarkets into 8 areas for price collection. The Council collects prices from these supermarkets for the provision of a more comprehensive database for consumers to check price discrepancies and make price comparisons according to their desired locations.

For inquiry, please call 8988 9315.

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