Security Secretary stresses police lawful enforcement

The Secretary for Security, Mr Wong Sio Chak, stated the police had proceeded in a lawful and just manner in presenting to the Public Prosecutions Office a criminal case relating to Legislative Assembly member Mr Sou Ka Hou.

The set of procedures used by the police in relation to Mr Sou's matter had been applied in previous, similar cases. The prosecutorial authorities had in Mr Sou's case filed charges against the persons concerned. This demonstrated that police enforcement efforts were pursued in accordance with the law, Mr Wong added.

Mr Sou was charged under Macao's Penal Code by the Public Prosecutions Office on 14 March 2017, with the offence of an aggravated crime in relation to his alleged actions during a protest held on 15 May 2016.

The Court of First Instance notified Mr Sou on 9 June 2017 about a court hearing into the matter, scheduled for 28 November.

Mr Wong said the law enforcement procedures outlined were not connected to Mr Sou's Legislative Assembly membership. Mr Wong added that Mr Sou was only elected to the Assembly in September 2017, some time after the protest in question and after the Public Prosecutions Office brought the case in question.

The Court had sent a request to the Legislative Assembly, asking the body to suspend Mr Sou's right to sit in the chamber as a member so that he could be subjected to the court's authority. Mr Wong commented that such a request was part of standard legal protocol and in line with the rules of the Legislative Assembly.

The Secretary for Security, Mr Wong Sio Chak, speaks to reporters.
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