IFT Café hosts“Twenty Hours – An Exhibition of Abstract Painting by Denis Murrell and his Students”

The Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) has the honour to invite the local artist Denis Murrell to hold "Twenty Hours – An Exhibition of Abstract Painting by Denis Murrell and his Students at the IFT Café from 12 January to 2 March 2018. The general public are invited to come and appreciate the artistic abstract paintings which are made of absorbent tissue papers by Denis Murrell and his students.

Since 2015, the Institute has launched the Macau Contemporary Artists Series – Denis Murrell: Abstract Painting with Tissue Paper course, inviting the well-known local artist Denis Murrell to be the instructor. In this exhibition, 22 artistic abstract paintings which are made of absorbent tissue papers by Denis Murrell and his students are displayed. The displayed works illustrate the unique techniques of using absorbent tissue papers to create abstract paintings that were learnt from the course and applied to the practice by the students, showcasing their boundless creativity.

IFT has been dedicated to promoting the development of Macao's cultural and creative industries and to enriching cultural life of the city. Apart from constantly providing a variety of cultural and creative courses, IFT has also pursued cooperation with local artists and designers to organise exhibitions in recent years, in an effort to promote local cultural and creative industries, and to provide a platform for local artists and designers to demonstrate their art pieces, as well as to integrate arts into the daily life of local residents. The current exhibition venues at IFT includes Team Building and IFT Café at the "Anim'Arte NAM VAN".

The IFT Café not only serves the Institute's appetising food; but also provides training to IFT students. The outlet additionally operates as a venue to promote culture, and will regularly host exhibitions featuring local artworks. In addition to IFT Café, "Anim'Arte NAM VAN" has many other elements in creativity, leisure and performances for citizens and tourists to experience. The revitalised waterfront includes recreational facilities, shops selling cultural and creative products, a book market, and a weekend craft market. Additionally, the area has regular outdoor performances. At the lake, pedal boats are also available for visitors to ride.

IFT has continuously explored and provided courses which are up-to-date, interesting and practical for the community. Currently, IFT's Tourism and Hotel School is working with 20 international organisations, providing over 80 international qualification courses to the public and industry professionals. Every year, the School provides hundreds of vocational and professional courses to a total of around 20,000 participants.

Artist Denis Murrell and guests took a group photo at the opening ceremony
Artist Denis Murrell, his students and guests took a group photos
Visitors appreciated the paintings
The outlook of the exhibition
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