Application for project funding

Application for project funding
Service Information:
Service Provider:Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT) - Project Funding Service Dept.
Other Entity / Agency:N/A
Application Location:Alameda Dr. Carlos d' Assumpção, n° 411-417, Edf. "Dynasty Plaza" 9° andar, Macau.
Office Hours:Monday to Friday, 9:00 -13:00, 14:30- 18:00
Introduction (Service Coverage):

The Science and Technology Development Fund is instituted according to the Administrative Regulation N° 14/2004 of Macao Special Administrative Region, administered by the Chief Executive of the Macao Special Administrative Region. The objectives of the Fund are to correspond with the aims of technology strategy in the Macao Special Administrative Region; to provide funding for related education, research and project development.To align with these objectives, the following projects are qualified to receive funding:

1. Projects which will facilitate the prevailing development of technological knowledge;

2. Projects which will assist enterprises enhance their productivity and competitiveness;

3. Innovative projects which will aid manufacture development;

4. Projects which will cultivate a culture and development favorable for technological innovation and development;

5. Technology transfer projects which are prioritized to drive the economic development of the community;

6. Patent application.

Enquiry Methods:

Tel:2878 8777 / 2878 8778 / 2878 8779

Fax:2878 8775 / 2878 8776 / 2872 2680



Application Proceduce:
Transactional Categories:Application
Relevant Service (Relevant Information):Application for funding promotion of science in schools FDCT0002
Target Groups and Application Eligibility:1. Local universities, colleges and their research centers;
2. Laboratories or entities engaging in research in Macao;
3. Local private non-profit organizations;
4. Macao-registered commercial enterprises and entrepreneurs engaging in research;
5. Individuals engaging in research in Macao.
Application Approach:Submit in person or by representative
Required Document:

Subsidized amount and date of application

1. Subsidized amount less than or equal to MOP$500,000.00: Application can be submitted at anytime.
2. Subsidized amount over MOP$500,000.00: First application can be submitted in January and February; second application in May and June and third application in September and October of each year.

- The funding types can be categorized into non-compensated and compensated type. The time frame of each project should not exceed three years.
- The application can be written in either of Chinese, Portuguese or English;
- The application is regarded as confidential, all persons and entities involved must be obligated to keep it confidential.

How to apply

Complete Funding application form (for Organization or Individuals) as provided by the Science and Technology Development Fund and then submit it together with documents and information required in Article 6 of “Regulations for Fund Granting”, Instruction No. 273/2004 approved by the Macao SAR Chief Executive to the Science and Technology Development Fund.

Remarks: the criteria for approval shall be in accordance with Instruction of the Chief Executive No. 273/2004.

Required information for the application
1. Identification information and related identification document of the applicant(s):
 (1) For organization, Business Registration/Certificate of Association should be submitted.
 (2) For individuals, ID copies should be submitted.
2. Declaration of no tax liability to Macao SAR or proof of contribution to Social Security Fund: Applicant can fill out the “Declaration of no tax liability” form supplied by FDCT and submit it to the Finance Services Bureau, Macao SAR.
3. Reference letter or recommendation letter issued by prestigious entity in the field of science, technology and innovation development.
4. Other projects of the same applicant that is subsidized by public funding and other application information submitted for the purpose of applying funds which are waiting for approval (if any).
5. Identification information and resumes of the project team’s key person-in-charge and members and details of their time allocation for the execution of the related projects. 
6. Declaration of the related project:Applicant is held responsible for the trustworthiness of the submitted documents and should attach a declaration that the applicant is originator of the applied project.
7. In accordance with Instruction No. 273/2004 approved by the Macao SAR Chief Executive, details of the project (proposal) as required in numbers 6 and 7 of Article 6 in Chapter 2 of “Regulations for Fund Granting”, attached with a CD ROM or floppy disk. Please refer to Guideline of Details of the Subsidized Project (Proposal).

- Applicant who made false declaration shall also assume other legal responsibilities besides being disqualified for applying.
- Upon approval, the applicant is bound by Article 13 of “Regulations for Fund Granting”, and should submit the progress report of the applied project.

Supplementary Document:If the information submitted for application fail to comply with the provisions, the applicant shall provide supplementary information within fifteen days.
Document Required Upon Approval:Annual progress report, final report of the subsidized project, and relevant reports required in the letter of funding agreement signed by the grantee (if any)
Forms:Funding application form (for Organization)
Funding application form (for Individuals)
Declaration of no tax liability
Declaration of the related project
Letter of commitment of members on research team of the subsidized project
Guideline of Annual Report for Subsidized Project
Guideline of Final Report of Subsidized Project
Legislations Website:1. Instruction of the Chief Executive No. 273/2004

2. Administrative Regulation No.14/2004
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