Application for funding promotion of science in schools

Application for funding promotion of science in schools
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Service Provider:Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT) - Project Funding Service Dept.
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Application Location:Alameda Dr. Carlos d' Assumpção, n° 411-417, Edf. "Dynasty Plaza" 9° andar, Macau.
Office Hours:Monday to Friday, 9:00 -13:00, 14:30- 18:00
Introduction (Service Coverage):According to number 8 of article 4, number 3 of article 7 of the Law establishing the Basic Rules for Policies Regarding Science and Technology, and paragraph 1 of number 2 of article 2 of the “By-Laws of The Science and Technology Development Fund”, the respective regulation is constituted to encourage schools to develop more activities and teaching program relative to the promotion of science in school, so as to attract more students to participate. This will improve their creative thinking, encourage their interest in scientific investigations to cultivate the spirit of “Love Science, Learn Science and Use Science”, and to generally promote the quality of the studies in this field.
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Application Proceduce:
Transactional Categories:Application
Relevant Service (Relevant Information):Application for project funding FDCT0001
Target Groups and Application Eligibility:Public and Registered Private Schools in the MSAR which promote teaching projects and activities related to the promotion of sciences.
Application Approach:Submit in person or by representative
Required Document:Application Procedure
1. No limitation for school application of Science Promotion Project and the application may be submitted at any time. In case of an inter-school cooperative application, only one application form by any one of the cooperating schools needs to be handed in;

2. Each project requires the completion and submission of a separate subsidy application form and project proposal. The proposal must include the program, time schedule, methods used, budget, the estimated number of participating students, the total number of teachers/instructors, expected results/achievements, etc. of the project;

3. The above application form must contain the respective school signature and chop.
Document Required Upon Approval:1. A Final Report should be submitted, within a period of 30 days, to the Science and Technology Development Fund after the completion of the project, wherein the amount of the conceded subsidy which was not utilized must return to the Science and Technology Development Fund;

2. Annual report should be submitted to the Science and Technology Development Fund within 30 days after the completion of one year if the project has to be carried over to the next year.

3. Annual report and final report are both required to be constituted of a detailed report specifying all activities carried out, as well as a respective financial report.

Application form

To whom it may concern

Project Proposal

Guideline of Final Report

Legislations Website:1. No. 14/2004 Administrative Regulation

2. No. 9/2000 Law 
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