Companies Registry

All legal and administrative procedures apply to all local and foreign individuals or organizations interested in setting-up a company in Macao.

Investors may obtain details of the necessary procedures for setting up a business from

IPIM's private notary,the "One Stop Service" provided by a public notary and the Commercial Registry Office or a lawyer.

Procedures for Company Set up


Legal mean/location


1.Application of admissibility of  trade name

Commercial Registry Office(CRCBM)  

Fill up the required form with  proposed name, and a clear definition of the objectives of the company

2.Memorandum and Articles of  Association * (within 60 days of obtaining  trade name )

-through IPIM's private notary; or
-lawyer registered in Macao; or
-document written by the  applicant and certified by the notary

Notarial contract or individual contract confirmed by a public or private notary, according to type of company and legal requirements in force

3.Registry of the Company *(within 15 days of signing of  the  memorandum)

Commercial Registry Office(CRCBM)

1. Letter of Application  (with the verification
of signature)
2. Company Constitution Document
3. List of names of shareholders and I.D. copies
4. List of names of the administrative board
5. Letter of Appointment of the administrative board
6. Copy Certificate of Admissibility of Trade Name

4.Declaration of commencement of

Macau Finances Services Bureau(DSF)

1. Filing in the Industrial Tax ( Form  M1, 2 copies) with the verification of signature
2. List of names of the shareholders and their ID copies
3. List of names and Letter of Appointment of the administrative board
4. Certificate  of registration issued by Commercial Registry Office (CRCBM)
5. Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
6. Payment of the Industrial Tax (Form M 7)

Notaryof IPIM and "One Stop Service" may assist investors to accomplish the above procedures.

The Flow Chart to Investing in Macao : (Download)

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