Change of Personal Information (PSP)

Change of Personal Information (PSP)
Service Information:
Service Provider:Immigration Department
- Foreigners Subdivision
- Residents Subdivision
- Non-resident Workers Subdivision
Other Entity / Agency:Identification Bureau
Application Location:Immigration Department Office Building, Travessa Um do Cais de Pac On, Taipa, Macao
Office Hours:Mon – Thu: 9:00 – 17:45 (Tags dispensed until 16:30 at the Non-resident Workers Subdivision and until 17:00 at the other Subdivisions)
Fri: 9:00 – 17:30 (same as above)
Closed on Sat, Sun and government holidays
Introduction (Service Coverage):
  1. Persons who need to change the personal information (e.g. their name, parent's name, date of birth, marital status, etc.) registered at the Immigration Department may make an application for change to the Subdivision which processes their residence or stay authorization.
    A. Residents Subdivision
    a. Application for "Residence Authorization"
    (1) "P.R.C. Permit for Travelling to Hong Kong and Macao" holders from Mainland China;
    (2) Persons of Portuguese nationality (including applications for renewal of "Residence Authorization");
    (3) Minor children who are born outside Macao and whose parents are Macao permanent residents or holders of a "P.R.C. Permit for Travelling to Hong Kong and Macao".
    B. Foreigners Subdivision
    a. Application for "Residence Authorization" (beyond the service scope of the Residents Subdivision and the Trade and Investment Promotion Institute);
    b. Application for Exceptional Extension of Authorization to Stay;
    c. Application and renewal of "Special Authorization to Stay" for Foreign Students;
    d. Application for "Residence Receipt" (persons granted residence authorization by the Trade and Investment Promotion Institute).
    C. Non-resident Workers Subdivision
    a. Application, renewal, reissue or replacement of "Non-resident Worker's Identification Card";
    b. Application, renewal or reissue of "Special Stay Permit";
    c. Application and renewal of "Special Authorization to Stay" for Reuniting Kindred of Non-resident Workers.
  2. Persons who are applying or are going to apply for renewal of "Residence Authorization", "Authorization to Stay" or residence / stay permit may make an application for change of personal information at the same time. 

Enquiry Methods:In person: the above address
Tel: (853) 2872 5488
Fax: (853) 8897 0300

Change of Information

Application Proceduce:
Transactional Categories:Change of Information
Relevant Service (Relevant Information): 
Target Groups and Application Eligibility:Persons granted any type of residence or stay authorization (e.g. "Residence Authorization", Exceptional Extension of Authorization to Stay") and persons issued any type of certificate or document (e.g. "Residence Receipt", "Residence Certificate", "Non-resident Worker's Identification Card", "Special Stay Permit", etc.)
Application Approach:To apply in person or by a legal representative
[Note: The legal representative is required to submit:
  1. A certified letter of authorization;
  2. Copy of his/her valid identification document (the original should be exhibited for authentication).]
Required Document:
  1. Application form with reasonable justification
    [Note: The "application" form is available at the Subdivision concerned and the website of the Public Security Police Force.];
  2. Copy of interested person's valid identification document;
  3. Proof supporting the application justification.
Supplementary Document: 
Document must be presented:The original should be exhibited for authentication if a copy is submitted
Other Helpful Document: 
Document Required Upon Approval: 
Charges (or Taxes):Free of charge
Payment Instructions: 
Time Needed:Varies case by case
Quality Criteria: 
Remark:According to the current laws of Macao, persons who make a false declaration of personal information or submit false documents will be subject to imprisonment.
Forms:Application Form for Change of Personal Information
Legislations Website:
  1. Law of Illegal Immigration, Illegal Stay and Deportation
    Law No. 6/2004〔B.O. n.° 31 (I), 02/08/2004〕
  2. Criminal Code
    Decree No. 58/95/M〔B.O. n.° 46(I), 14/11/1995〕
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