Investment Residency

According to Decree Law No. 14/95/M (Temporary Residency Law) of 27th of March, revised by Decree Law No. 22/96/M of 22nd of April and Decree Law No. 22/97/M of 11th of June, investors, investment projects, managerial position, academic or technical and professional qualification holders with economic relevance to Macao Special Administrative Region (Macao SAR) may apply for temporary residency.

Applications may be submitted either personally or by a third party, with certified power of attorney, along with the following documents :
A. Personal Identity Documents

  1. Two copies of all travel document pages;
  2. One original copy of a police statement attesting to the fact that the applicants have not been involved in any criminal proceeding or documents that serve the same purpose, which must be issued by an authorized department (children over the age of 16 must be included) ;
  3. Five 1.5" black and white photos.

B. An application form and a declaration on postal address (supplied by our Department, please fill in using Chinese or Portuguese and submit two copies of declaration on postal address) ;

Depending on the type of application, the following documents must also be attached:


  1. Installation of industrial units, service industries, hotel industries and the like
  2. Investment plan of industrial units, service industries, hotel industries and the like
  3. Investment on fixed assets or other tangible productive assets
  4. Management staff and professional technicians




The Temporary Residency Card emitted according to the Temporary Residency Law will be valid for the longest period of 18 months (investment project) or 3 years (other types of application) , and is renewal only if the requisition for concession of temporary residency is fulfilled.
The renewal application for Temporary Residency Card should be submitted in the IPIM 30 days before the expiry date.

1. Investments in manufacturing, services, hotels or similar industries:

Proof of investment (one copy)

    1. Proof of commercial license;
    2. Profit and loss reports, and balance sheets of the last two years;
    3. Industrial tax and Profit tax invoices of the last two years;
    4. The most recent employee professional tax invoices;
    5. Social security fund contribution invoice of the last quarter;
    6. Other documents that are considered to be essential.




2.Investment plan of industrial units, service industries, hotel industries and the like
Investment plan document (one copy)

  1. Economic and financial feasibility report (forms supplied by our Department) ;
  2. Bank balance certificate from local banks;
  3. Other documents helpful for introducing the investment project (i.e. investment project, goods photos or catalogue) .




3. Investment on fixed assets or other tangible productive assets

Proof of realized investment (one copy)
  1. Proof of written report issued by the Property Registration Department or;
  2. Written report and payment receipts issued by the Property Registration Department and (1) the official buy/sell contract of the fixed assets; or (2) buy/sell commitment contract or transfer declaration;
  3. Proof of investment on tangible productive assets;
  4. Proof of deposit issued by a local credit organization (applicable to partial payment on the fixed assets or tangible productive assets – the summation of the deposit and the partial payment should not be less than the legitimate investment amount i.e. MOP 1 million)
  5. For retired or resigned Hong Kong permanent residents, the investment amount on the fixed assets should not be less than MOP 0.5 million, and they must submit (1) retirement or resignation proof, and (2) proof of employability.




4. Management staff and professional technicians

Proof of special qualification and employment (one copy)
  1. Proof of signed contract or to-be-signed contract;
  2. Main description of the job duty;
  3. Proof of educational background, qualification and professional experience;
  4. Proof of the commercial license and operations tax invoice from the employed or to-be-employed organization;
  5. Individual professional tax invoice.




The aAccording to the Investment Residency Law, item 2 of article no.1 and article no.4, such application can be extended to: pplication for residency may also include family members as defined below:

  1. Spouse (including those who are legally declared by the court as separate couples and those who are under the status of property independence) or those with the same identity (those who live with the applicant for more than two years) ;
  2. Applicant's and his/her spouse's direct superior kinship;
  3. Applicant's and his/her spouse's inferior immature kinship;




To apply this extension, please submit personal identity documents as specified in A. and proof of the relationship.

Upon submission of the application, the applicant should present the originals of the relevant documents to the staff who handles the application.

For application or further inquiry, please visit:
Residency Application and Legal Affairs DivisionAvenida de Amizade, no. 918, 1th floor, World Trade Center Building
Tel: 712055 Fax: 713950
Office Hours: Monday to Friday (9:00am – 12:30p.m. & 2:30p.m. to 5:00p.m.)

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Investment Residency Application


         Enquiries on Residency Applications

IPIM is committed to replying to customer’s enquiry on residency application within 5 working days. Enquiries can be made by letter, fax, telephone or e-mail.


Telephone enquiries will be handled immediately. If the required information cannot be provided at the time of enquiry, the case will be followed up within 5 days.



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