“Proof of Adoptable Name of Association” (issued in the form of an official letter)

“Proof of Adoptable Name of Association” (issued in the form of an official letter)
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Identification Services Bureau

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Avenida da Praia Grande, No. 804, Edificia China plaza, 1 andar, Macau

Office Hours:

Monday to Friday , 09:00 - 18:00
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays

Introduction (Service Coverage):Proof of no identical or similar name is registered in DSI. 
Enquiry Methods:

Hotline: (853)2837-0777,  (853)2837-0888
Fax: (853)2837-4300
E-mail : info@dsi.gov.mo
Mail: Macau P.O. Box 1089
Website: http://www.dsi.gov.mo


Application Proceduce:
Transactional Categories:Application
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Target Groups and Application Eligibility:


  1. A group that intends to establish an association
  2. An established association that wants to change the name of the registered association


Application Approach:Application can be made at DSI by the association founder in person or by an authorized representative.
Required Document:

- A completed application form;
- A photocopy of the applicant’s valid identity document;
- Draft constitution* (a written declaration is required if failing to submit)

* Please refer to Macao Laws no. 2/99/M and relevant stipulations about legal person in the “Civil Code”.

Supplementary Document: 
Document must be presented: 
Other Helpful Document: 
Document Required Upon Approval: 
Charges (or Taxes):

Free of charge

Payment Instructions: 
Time Needed:

12 working days.
(Note: Counting from the next business day upon receipt of all required documents, the postal time is not included.)

Quality Criteria:http://www.dsi.gov.mo/qualityservice_e.jsp
Legislations Website:

Estabelece o regime geral do direito de associação 
Lei n.2/99/M【B.O.(I), 09/08/1999】

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