Support Scheme for Building Maintenance

"Support Scheme for Building Maintenance" is a kind of support for the apartment owners of the building which building authority had been selected and is regulated by the apartment ownership system. Its purpose is to assist them to detect the situation of the common parts of the building and to make the repair and maintenance plan .

Application Qualification

The building should:


be built at least 10 years (in accordance with the issued date of the building licence);


be registered as residential or business and residential purpose at Real Estate Registry.

Application Procedures


The support service has to be applied by submitting the application form and a declaration letter which is attached with the application form to Housing Bureau;


The following documents should be provided:



Photocopy of building authority chairman's identification document; If the building authority is a corporation, photocopy of the representative's identification document and photocopy of foundation proof has to be provided;



Photocopy of the documents which can proved the operation of building authority election, including, notice of meeting, attendance book and meeting minutes;



Photocopy of resolution of the scheme application approved in the apartment owners' meeting;


If the building had been registered at Housing Bureau in accordance with article 16 of Regulation of Support Scheme for Building Maintenance approved by the chief executive (Executive's Order No. 256/2008), the documents mentioned in point 2.1 and 2.2 is not necessary to submit;


Housing Bureau can ask the applicant to provide other information, particularly the information related to construction plans and common facilities, in order to keep the completed file of applicant.



The cancellation of the approval by the Building Maintenance Fund Committee will be resulted under the following situations:



The applied building authority provides untrue declaration, unreal information or using any illegal methods to obtain the support service;



The applied building authority does not comply with the obligation regulated by Article 13.


If the approval is being cancelled, the application by the building authority will not be approved within 2 years counted from the cancellation day of the support service.


If the cancellation is approved due to the reason stated in the above-mentioned point 1.1, the applied building authority may undertake civil or criminal responsibility.

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